19th NCGP

Nordic GP 2015

Thursday June 18

08:30 Keynote Session: Congress Hall

Good morning, Margrèt Ólafía Tómasdóttir, Nisti Stêrk


Congress Hall

08:30 Good morning

08:45 Margrét Ólafía Tómasdóttir

Multimorbidity and more pressing matters – a young GPs view on the future of general practice:
I recently qualified as a specialist in general practice in Iceland. The path has been tortuous, but from where I stand now, our discipline´s future looks bright and challenging. As a part-time researcher, I have chosen to work with questions that are truly pressing for medicine as a whole and relevant for me in every-day clinical practice. My topic is multimorbidity. It has been termed one of the biggest medical challenges of the 21st century, and it is a challenge mainly managed by general practitioners. Its management requires a different approach to the patient, the diseases and the consultation and could widen the gap even further between the work of GPs and other specialities. Furthermore the management of multimorbidity challenges conventional medical thinking with its constantly increasing deconstruction of the body and mind, demanding the GPs holistic view as a cornerstone of medical practice. How does this affect the future of general practice? – And even more importantly – what effect could the multimorbidity “epidemic” have on the future of medical theory in general? Has the time come for general practice to finally take the lead?

09:30 Nisti Sterk

10:30 Coffee break

11:00 Keynote Session & Closing ceremony: Congress Hall


Congress Hall

11:00 Merete Mazerella

General Practice more important than ever
Why is General Practice more important than ever?
I will be speaking not only as an academic and writer with a long-standing interest in medical humanities but also much more personally as an ageing woman in an ageing society. I will have something to say about communication between doctor and patient and about the difference between authority and authoritarianism,
and I will have a lot to say about the importance of trust. I will also be talking about how doctors and patients should be seen as allies in the battle against economic cuts and structural problems.

11:45 Closing ceremony

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