19th NCGP

Nordic GP 2015


Tuesday June 16, Congress Hall
Time: 08.30-09.00

Västkustens toner - Sounds of the Swedish west coast with Tove Brandt, Åsmund Solberg och Hannah Shermis. 

On the sun-drenched cliffs, along the variegated coastal of the archipelago, tones are echoing across the water. The melody of a melancholy guitar is bobbing on the foamy waves in the dawn. The wind whistles in the minor key, and a lone gull bursts out singing among the rocks.


Wednesday June 17, Congress Hall
Time: 08.30-09.00

Nia Movement

Debbie and Carlos Rosas , founder of NIA (Neuromuscular Integrated Action) movement explains the revolutionary way of moving as follows:

"The energies of Nia, the three remarkable arts that define the multi-personality of Nia. You'll get to know Martial Arts, where you are powerful, strong, precise, and even noisy. You'll get to know Dance Arts, where you'll get to twirl, cha-cha-cha, and even let out the dancer within. And, you'll get to know the Healing Arts, where you'll discover how to gain holistic conditioning and endless energy. You'll learn to use Nia to self-heal small and big aggravating discomforts, weaknesses and misalignments. Most of all, you'll do it all while dancing, having fun, and NOT EXERCISING, but by MOVING."


Time: 10.30-11.00, 15.00-15.30

Not much unlike the tram from their hometown Göteborg, TUMULT will tell their musical story in a cozy spirit which lingers in every possible direction. A melting pot of the timbre of an accordion and the sound of klezmer will purse your heart and make it spin into the midst of a starry night.


Thursday June 18, Congress Hall
Time: 09.30-10.30

Nisti Sterk

Nisti Stêrk came to Sweden 1983 from Diyarbakir, Turkey, where she was born in 1977. She is an actor, script writer, theatre- and filmproducer. Amongst her plenty awards and tributes we think that the price for The city of Stockholm's cultural scolarship in 2014 are especially noteworthy. Last year she also started  "The international comedy festival". The sentence of this festival is for people from all countries to join each other in laughter. The festival will take place in Stockholm every autumn. This year between 1-4 October. Nisti will tell you stories from her own childhood and her arrival in Sweden, the country where everything is possible.  She tells it with both humour and seriousness. It is a time for both tears and laughter!


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