Programme no. 736-OP
Patient Empowerment
Parenting under-aged children when having cancer - challenges and needs
Anette Hauskov Graungaard*1
1The University Clinic of General Practice,University of Copenhagen,Copenhagen,Denmark;The Research Unit for General Practice,University of Copenhagen,Copenhagen,Denmark
* = Presenting author
Objectives: To explore parents’ worries, challenges and needs in parenting young children and how to improve support of the family.
Background: Twenty percent of newly diagnosed cancer patients are having under aged children. Cancer is detected progressively earlier than before and cancer treatment is becoming more effective. This creates an even larger group of patients with cancer as a chronic
Results: The analysis is in progress but initial findings show that parents are often left alone with their doubts and questions about their children's needs and how to inform them. It is difficult for the parents to evaluate the impact on the disease in their chi
Material/Methods: A qualitative interview study with parents and 8-15 years old children in families where a parent was diagnosed with cancer more than a year ago. The material includes interviews with parents in ten families where a parent has cancer.

A phenomenologica

Conclusion: Parents experience significant parenting stress and uncertainty during the cancer experience and there is a need for family-based interventions as a supplement to the individual support that parents and children are offered. The GP could play a much more
Points for discussion: What knowledge and experience are lacking in general practice and how do we improve support to these families?