Programme no. 566-P
Professional Development
ASK - validation of competense
Robert Svartholm*1
1Norrbottens läns landsting,Björknäs HC,Boden,Sweden
* = Presenting author
Objectives: To demonstrate a way and a handful of useful tools to validate CPD in dialogue with a colleague, to make it easier to plan future CPD activities.
Background: Continual Professional Development is important, but not formally required in Sweden. The ASK-network has been testing tools for validation of CPD in intercollegial dialogue
Results: Our method of validating CPD and planning for the coming CPD, is visible, possible to expand and an effective pedagogic way of developing effective CPD with focus on the individual wants and needs of CPD.
Material/Methods: We plan to show the procedure of a collegial dialogue and demonstrate a handful of tools to make the validation of competence among general practitioners visible for others.
Conclusion: We have a method of validating and analysing CPD in a modern way to make CPD not a burden but a truly developing activity. The method - ASK - is inspired by the specialist exam of GP in Sweden.
Points for discussion: Why is CPD not required in the Swedish health system? Is there another way of validating and planning for CPD?