Programme no. 509-SY
Quality Improvement
How ICPC (International Classification of Primary Care) may support quality improvement in primary care
Marianne Rosendal*1, MÃ¥rten Kvist*2, Anders Grimsmo*3, Preben Larsen*4
1The Quality Improvement Committee for General Practice in the Region of Southern Denmark,Vejle,Denmark, 2Department of General Practice,University of Turku,Turku,Finland, 3Department of Public Health and General Practice,University of Trondheim,Trondheim,Norway, 4Danish Quality Unit of General Practice,Odense,Denmark
* = Presenting author
Objectives: To increase the understanding of the benefits of the use of ICPC (International Classification of Primary Care) in primary health care as a part of the electronic medical record.
Background: The ICPC was first published in 1987 by Wonca and is now used in every day practice in Norway and Denmark, to some extent in Finland and in research projects in Sweden. It is an international classification developed for the registration of work in primary health care and it belongs to the International Family of Classifications, acknowledged by the WHO. The development in health informatics during the last decade has increased our need for systematized overview of health data and provides us with new possibilities of quality improvement.
Content: During the symposium, presentations will be held by members of the Wonca International Classification Committee. We will 1) introduce ICPC and present important use cases for the clinician such as how ICPC may facilitate retrieval of information and the entry of data for projects (MR). Then look at 2) how the ICPC is used for decision support and standardization of presenting refunded medication in Norway (AG). 3) We will learn how the new definitions of process codes may help in recording activities by the clinician (MK). And finally we will demonstrate 4) how ICPC is used for feedback quality reports for patients with COPD both at the individual and at a population level in general practice (PL).
Method: Four presentations and debate with attenders.
Other considerations: References:
  1. Wonca International Classification Committee: International Classification of Primary Care ICPC-2-R. Oxford University Press: Great Britain, 2005.