Programme no. 507-WS
Professional Development
New evidence – change of practice? A workshop about patient information, patient values and shared decision making; with place of birth as case
Ole Olsen*1, Astrid Raahede 2, Atle Klovning3, Göran Sjönell4, Anja Stæhr5, Stefan Hjørleifsson6
1The Research Unit for General Practice,University of Copenhagen,Copenhagen,Denmark, 2The Research Unit for General Practice,University of Copenhagen,Copenhagen,Denmark, 3Dept. of General Practice,University of Oslo,Oslo,Norway, 4Primary Care of Stockholm,Kvartersakuten Mörby Centrum,Danderyd,Sweden, 5General practice “Bjørch & Sinkjær",Region Sjælland,Holbæk,Denmark, 6Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care,University of Bergen,Bergen,Norway
* = Presenting author
Objectives: To facilitate a qualified discussion among GPs about reception of new challenging evidence; to facilitate a discussion of how to provide proper patient information, elicit patient values and lay the ground for shared decision making.
Background: GPs often experience difficulties keeping up-to-date, implement new evidence and share decision making with patients. Shared decision making has lately been described as the biggest single remaining barrier to the implementation of evidence based medicine. By learning and practising this last step of evidence-based medicine, GPs will get a tool to assist life-long patient centred evidence based practice.
Content: The didactic method used in the workshop is mostly small group activities with eight participants and one (two?) facilitator(s) in each group.
Method: • Lecture: Welcome and introduction to evidence and challenges – 15 minutes (plenary room)

• Small groups: Structured discussion of evidence and implementation – 60 minutes (smaller rooms)

• Plenary: Summary and final discussion – 15 minutes (plenary room)

Other considerations: Between 8 and 24 participants