Programme no. 411-WS
Professional Development
Physician, heal thyself! – the doctor as a patient
Helena Galina Nielsen*1, Elin Olaug Rosvold*2, Bodil Marie Nielsen3, Dorte Kjeldmand*4
1Research Unit for General Practice Copenhagen,University Copenhagen,Copenhagen,Denmark, 2Department of General Practice,Institute of Health and Society,Oslo,Norway, 3Research Unit for General Practice ,University Aarhus,Aarhus,Denmark, 4Dep of Public Health and Caring Science, Health Services Research,Uppsala University,Uppsala,Sweden
* = Presenting author
Objectives: The aim of the workshop is to raise the awareness of how we as doctors take care for ourselves and address our own health and fragilities in professional life.
Background: Background
In recent years more focus has been addressed to the dilemma of doctors´ self care and help seeking behaviour. Doctors lack training in how to access appropriate self-care and how to treat their peers. While a doctor–patient often expect to be treated like a ‘normal’ patient, yet the treating doctor often fail to satisfy this expectation.
Content: Content
Taking departure from our research projects and own experiences as doctor-patients we will discuss and reflect on our dilemmas as helping professionals to raise the awareness about self care as a part to professional development.
Method: group work

initiated by a short presentation

Other considerations: maximum 24 participants, if it is possible we would like to repeat the session