Programme no. 408-WS
Professional Development
Symptom control and medical treatment in end of life care
Anna Weibull*1, Hans Thulesius2, Thomas Gorlén3
1Åbylægerne,Åbyen 3,8500 Grenaa,Denmark, 2Unit for Research and Development, Kronoberg County Council,Department of Clinical Sciences, Malmö, Family Medicine ,Växjö/Lund,Sweden, 3Lægerne Søborg Torv,Søborg Torv 12,3,2860 Søborg,Denmark
* = Presenting author
Objectives: Presenting the Danish national guidelines for GP's in palliative medicine 2014 with focus on symptom control and medical treatment in end of life care.
Background: New national guidelines in palliative medicine for GP's were published in spring 2014 by DSAM (Dansk Selskab for Almen Medicin). The guidelines focus on the three basal elements in Palliative medicine, organisation, communication and symptom control. In this workshop we will focus on symptom control, treatment, tools and skills that can improve the treatment in end of life care in a primary health care setting.
- symptom control in end of life care
- medical treatment in terminal patients
- practical use of subcutaneus treatment
Interactive dialogue
Group discussions based on cases
Plenary discussions
Other considerations:
DSAM's vejledning 'Palliation' 2014