Programme no. 359-P
Professional Development
Fidelis Asonze*1, Sylwia Winciorek2
1GP-Trainee,ROenne,Denmark, 2GP-Trainee,ROenne,Denmark
* = Presenting author
Objectives: Based on the above , we intend to compare the general practice training programme in Bornholm with the rest of Denmark. Are there any differences in the way the general practitioners are trained in Denmark?
Background: PREAMBLE: Bornholm is a Danish Island situated in the southern baltic sea , located about 40KM southeast of Skane ( Sweden) and abot 170KM from Copenhagen, the Danish capital. The population of Bornholm as of 1. october 2014 was about 39.880. There is only one hospital , the general hospital Bornholm, located at Roenne, the capital of Bornholm. This hospital have only 2 departments, namely the surgical department and internal medicine department. It has among other things emergency functions and have a diagnostic unit. Furthermore, there are about 30 general practitioners , a dermatologist and paeditrician, 2 eye specialist and ear-nose and throat . There is a little psychiatric center without an emergency functions.
Results: Doctors specialisation in Denmark takes 5 years after a 12 months housemanship. It usually starts with an introduction to the specialisation and takes 12 months, Can take 6 months in general medicine if a doctor have had 6 months of housemanship in general practice. The GP training in Denmark is divided between general practitioner and the hospital, 30 months each. During the hospital part, the GP trainee have a rotation : 6 months surgery,6 months gynecology, 6 months internal medicine, 6 months paediatric and 6 months psychiatry. We found that GP trainees in Bornholm have 9 months internal medicine and a 3 months paediatric rotation at a private clinic.

Material/Methods: We examine the national general practice training programme as stipulated by the Danish health board , the Danish college of general practitioners , the secretariat for the training of doctors in Denmark and compare them with our programme in Bornholm which is administered by the committee for doctors training at Bornholm.
Conclusion: Our findings shows that apart from the hospital part where the rotation of internal medicine is 9 months and paediatric 3 months at a private clinic in Bornholm, there are no significant differences.
Points for discussion: How do decision makers ensure that the quality of GP specialisation in Bornholm meets the same standard else where in Denmark? How can recrument problems to rural areas be solve? What of job opportunities to GP trainee partners?