Programme no. 310-SY
Quality Improvement
Presenting the Danish national guidelines for GP's in palliative medicine 2014 in a Nordic perspective
Anna Weibull*1, May-Lill Johansen2, Hans Thulesius3, Thomas Gorlén4
1Åbylægerne,Åbyen 3,8500 Grenaa,Denmark, 2The Arctic University of Tromsø,The Arctic University of Tromsø,Tromsø,Norway, 3Unit for Research and Development, Kronoberg County Council,Department of Clinical Sciences, Malmö, Family Medicine,Växjö/Lund ,Sweden, 4Lægerne Søborg Torv,Søborg Torv 12,3,2860 Søborg,Denmark
* = Presenting author
Objectives: Presenting the Danish national guidelines for GP's in palliative medicine 2014 and discussing guidelines about Palliation existing in other Nordic countries
Background: In 2014 a new national guideline was published by DSAM (Dansk Selskab for Almen Medicin). The target group are the General Practitioners in Denmark but also other doctors and health personel handling patients with lifethreatening disease and end of life care. The aim of the guideline is to enhance quality improvement in the primary health care sector and at the basal level of palliative care in other parts of the health system.
In this symposium we will focus on
- presentation of DSAM's guideline 'Palliation' 2014
- presenting guidelines in palliative care used by GP’s in Sweden and Norway
- the new WHO definition of palliative medicine and what is the impact in primary health care
- which patients are in need of palliative care and how we identify them
- how to implement palliative care tools in the treatment of patients with life-threatening non-malignant disease
- organisation of palliative care in general practice
Interactive dialogue
Group based discussions
Plenary discussions
Other considerations:
DSAM's vejledning 'Palliation' 2014