Programme no. 309-SY
Quality Improvement
So similar, but so different? Results from the Nordic countries in the framework of the Qualicopc project
Elise Kosunen*1, Torunn Eide*2, Cecilia Björkelund*3, Peter Vedsted*4, Ofeigur Thorgeirsson*5
1Dpt. of Géneral Practice,University of Tampere, School of Medicine,Tampere,Finland, 2Dpt. of Géneral Practice,Unversity of Oslo,Oslo,Norway, 3Dpt. of Primary Health Care,Gothenburg University,Gothenburg,Sweden, 4Dpt. of Public Health,Aarhus University,Aarhus,Denmark, 5Capital Area Primary Care,Reykjavik,Reykjavik,Iceland
* = Presenting author
Objectives: The purpose of the symposium is to present comparative results on primary care in Nordic countries and to increase mutual understanding of primary health care systems in our countries.
Background: The Quality and Cost of Primary Care in Europe (QUALICOPC) study was designed to compare primary care between multiple countries. The project was funded by the European Commision Framework 7 Programme and coordinated by the Netherlands Institute for Health Care Services Research (NIVEL). Data were collected from 31 European countries and 3 countries outside Europe. National characteristics of the organization of primary care were derived from existing statistics and database. Moreover, data on were collected by means of surveys among general practitioners (GPs) and their patients. The process was organized by national coordinators in each country, and fieldworkers visited GP practices to recruit patients, and assist them, if needed, with filling patient questionnaires.

Study questionnaires were developed and tested during a long process and then translated from English to national languages and back. GPs’ questionnaires included questions on the type and organization of the practice, involvement in curative and preventive tasks and aspects of workload and use of time. Patients were asked about access to the practice, time for the patient, experiences with the services etc.

Content: This symposium will present descriptive analyses from the Nordic countries. Representatives of each country will present their results, with the main focus on primary care quality indicators like accessibility and continuity of care. In addition, each country can present results which are currently important in their national setting.
Method: Oral presentations and general discussion.
Other considerations: The symposium is linked to another QUALICOPC symposium (Schäfer et al)