Programme no. 305-SY
Public Health
Finding individuals with diabetes: Benefits and harms
Thomas Drivsholm*1, Merja Laine*2, Simon Griffin*3, Hörður Björnsson*4, Atle Klovning*5, Margareta Hellgren*6
1Department of Public Health, Section of General Practice,University of Copenhagen,Copenhagen ,Denmark, 2Dept of General Practice and Primary Health Care,University of Helsinki,Helsinki,Finland, 3Institute of Public Health,University of Cambridge,Cambridge,United Kingdom, 4University of Iceland,University of Iceland,Reykjavik,Iceland, 5Department of General Practice,University of Oslo ,Oslo,Norway, 6University of Gothenburg,University of Gothenburg,Gothenburg,Sweden
* = Presenting author
Objectives: To clarify and discuss differences in diagnostic strategies of finding individuals with diabetes in each of 5 Nordic Countries.
Background: After the introduction of new diagnostic criteria of diabetes by WHO in 2011 diagnostic strategies of finding individuals with diabetes have diverged between the 5 Nordic Countries. Consequently, increasingly different diabetic populations will emerge.
Other considerations: