Programme no. 211-WS
Quality Improvement
Dissecting the Paper of the Year to get the Anatomy of a Successful Manuscript OR How to get published? The Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health Care Workshop
Peter Vedsted*1, Jørgen Nexøe*2, Helena Liira*3, Guri Rørtveit*4, Emil Sigurdsson*5, Hans Thulesius*6
1Research Unit for General Practice, Aarhus University,Århus,Denmark, 2Research Unit for General Practice,University of Southern Denmark,Odense,Denmark, 3School of Public Health,University of Tampere,Tampere,Finland, 4Department of Public Health and Primary Health Care,University of Bergen,Bergen,Norway, 5Department of Family Medicine,University of Iceland,Reykjavik,Iceland, 6Kronoberg County Research Centre,Lund University,Växjö,Sweden
* = Presenting author
Objectives: To present the essence of getting published by knowing the structure of a scientific manuscript, specific standards for writing manuscripts for specific study types, the writing process, and the editorial process.
Background: The Editorial Board of the Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health Care has many years of experience in writing, assessing and promoting scientific writing within family medicine.

For academic family medicine it is very important to succeed in scientific publishing at a high international level. Thus, a researcher has to write a readable, well-structured and scientifically sound manuscript, and to submit it in a way that enhances the possibility for publication.

Content: The workshop will include a presentation of how to structure a manuscript for both quantitative and qualitative research. There will be an introduction to specific standards for writing manuscripts for specific study types. There will be a session about how to interact with co-authors and about the editorial process. A specific part of the session will include advices on how to prepare your manuscript and your letter to the editor to increase the chances of attracting the Editorial Board’s interest.

This workshop is important for every congress participant engaged in scientific publishing. People who are considering preparing a manuscript for the first time will indeed gain valuable output.

Method: The workshop will include short presentations combined with discussions among participants. It will be possible for participants to present specific issues they would like the Board to comment on.
Other considerations: No pre-registration is necessary. Please note that some preparatory reading is useful.