Programme no. 210-WS
Patient Empowerment
Patient Empowerment in Chronic Condition Patient Self-Management
Ulrik Kirk*1, Ilkka Kunnamo*2, Tina Eriksson3, Janecke Thesen4, Eva Arvidsson5
1KAP-S,Sorø,Denmark;EQuiP,Copenhagen,Denmark;Quality Unit of Region of Zealand,Sorø,Denmark, 2Duodecim Medical Publications,Helsinki,Finland, 3EQuiP,Copenhagen,Denmark, 4University of Bergen,Bergen,Norway, 5Primärvårdens FoU-enhet,Futurum,Jönköping,Sweden
* = Presenting author
Objectives: The aim of this workshop is to share information among participants from different Nordic countris on concepts of patient empowerment in management of chronic conditions. Furthermore, an e-learning module in English on Patient Empowerment in Chronic Conditions will be presented to the participants.
Background: Patient Empowerment is a concept that means different things to different people – patients, doctors and other health professionals. In 2011, patient empowerment was adopted as the 12th characteristic of general practice in a revision of the European Definition of general practice / family medicine. General practice / family medicine is ideally placed to develop and incorporate patient empowerment into medical care. We need to explore the definitions and concepts of patient empowerment in general practice in the context of patient self-management of their chronic conditions. What is patient empowerment? What definition is useful in Europe in terms of culture and language? Is patient empowerment a state of awareness of knowledge, skills or attitudes to assume responsibilities for effective management of health related decisions? Is it about participation in a self- designed health plan? Is empowerment about helping patients to be in a position to make decisions and to set their own goals?
Content: The workshop will outline and report on the EQuiP project on Patient Empowerment in Chronic Conditions: Work Package 1a (systematic review), Work package 1b (online repository), Work Package 2 (e-learning module on patient empowerment), and Work package 3 (piloting of the e-learning module).

Then Ilkka Kunnamo will demonstrate the e-learning module to all the workshop participants.

Method: This interactive workshop will activate participants in small group work.
Other considerations: We hope that the output of this workshop will contribute to the dissemination and knowledge sharing of the EQuiP project on Patient Empowerment in Chronic Conditions for Nordic General Practice.