Programme no. 209-SY
Quality Improvement
From Research-based Evidence to Best Practice in Primary Health Care
Terje Johannessen*1, Anna Nager*2, Ingvar Krakau*3, Thomas Bo Drivsholm*4, Signe Flottorp*5, Hans Chr. Kjeldsen*6
1Norsk Helseinformatikk,Trondheim,Norway, 2Centre for Family Medicine,Karolinska Institutet,Stockholm,Sweden, 3Institutionen för medicin, Solna (MedS), K2, Enheten för klinisk epidemiologi, Forskargrupp A ,Karolinska Institutet (KI),Stockholm,Sweden, 4Department of Public Health Faculty of Health Sciences,University of Copenhagen,Copenhagen,Denmark, 5The Norwegian Knowledge Centre for the Health Services,The Norwegian Directorate of Health,Oslo,Norway, 6Department of Public Health,Aarhus University,Aarhus,Denmark
* = Presenting author
Objectives: Describe efforts performed by the health authorities to improve the quality of general practice and how such guidelines can be implemented through clinical tools like NEL, Medibas (both are commercial products) and Lægehåndbogen.
Background: There is an enormous global production of medical science and scientific papers. It is impossible for the individual clinician on his or her own to keep updated. In order to alleviate this situation and to ensure more equal treatments and services to the patients, national health authorities in the Nordic countries annually develop guidelines for the management of defined diseases and disorders. But how do the authorities perform this task, which methods and how are the guidelines implemented?

In this symposium representatives from the health authorities will describe the process behind the selection of topics, identifying and scrutinizing relevant articles, synthesizing, making recommendations, publishing and implementation.

A representative from the commercial products NEL, Medibas and Lægehåndbogen (not commercial) presents how they integrate and present the guidelines, while a member of one of the Nordic societies for General Practice will comment on the GPs challenges with regards to the practice of evidence-based medicine.

At the end of the symposium there will be a free discussion with the audience.

Method: In the symposium representatives from Nordic health authorities and NEL/Medibas/Lægehåndbogen will present their approach through lectures followed by a general discussion.
Other considerations: None