Programme no. 206-WS
Professional Development
How do you understand that you do not yet understand the patient? Training patient-centred consultation skills in the Nordic countries
Jan-Helge Larsen*1, Esperanza Diaz*2, Tuomas Koskela*3, Thomas Mildestvedt*4, Mia Hemborg Kristiansson*5, Edvin Schei*6
1Kalymnos Courses,Kalymnos Courses,2900 Hellerup,Denmark, 2Department for Global Health and Primary Health Care,University of Bergen,Bergen,Norway, 3University of Tampere,Tampere,Finland, 4Department of general practice,University of Bergen,Bergen,Norway, 5Department of general practice,University of Lund,Lund,Sweden, 6Department of general practice,University of Bergen,Bergen,Norway
* = Presenting author
Objectives: The symposium will present and discuss Nordic approaches to the teaching of patient-centred consultation techniques. What do we want to achieve with our teaching? Which texts, models and methods are we using – and do they work?
Background: It is widely acknowledged that GPs need to work patient- or person-centred. Yet to do this in real-life consultations is difficult. Early interruptions by the doctor, often in the way of questions, may hinder good doctor-patient communication. What are the causes of this persistent difficulty? Why is it so easy to be blind to the patient’s perspective? How is this topic addressed in teaching the of consultation skills in the Nordic countries?
Content: A variety of teaching methods from the Nordic countries will be demonstrated and discussed. Two textbooks contain some of the methods and will be mentioned. The audience should be prepared for active involvement in the workshop.
Method: Workshop
Other considerations: Larsen J-H, Neighbour R. Five Cards – a simple guide to beginning the consultation. Br J Gen Pract 2014; 64: 150-51.

Larsen J-H. Till läkaren om samtalet. Lund: Studentlitteratur, 2015.

Schei E. Lytt. Legerolle og kommunikasjon. Bergen, Fagbokforlaget 2014.