Programme no. 202-WS
Patient Empowerment
Doctor patient relationship when patients have diagnosed themselves by gadgets or by consulting the Internet. Doctor authority versus patient empowerment.
Carl Edvard Rudebeck1, Ane Kathrine Gammelby2, Nils Kolstrup*3, Per Hasvold4
1Kalmar county,Västervik,Sweden, 2Information and Media Studies,University of århus,Århus,Denmark, 3Norwegian Centre for Integrated Care and Telemedicine,University Hospital in Tromsø,Tromsø,Norway, 4Norwegian Centre for Integrated Care and Telemedicine,University Hospital in Tromsø,Tromsø,Norway
* = Presenting author

Initiate a discussion on how GPs are prepared for the future patient who have consulted the internet, already know what is wrong, and only see GPs as hindrance to “proper” doctors.


The internet and “gadgets” are likely to transform the balance between the knowledge of doctors and patients. The patients empower themselves and this empowerment will unquestionably present with massive challenges to GPs in their role as advisers and gatekeepers. There is a surprising lack of discussion of the consequence of this very profound change in the balance of authority between patients and GPs.

Content: We will initially discuss what we know about the very recent development in new technology and in the way, this technology will change the patients knowledge, expectations and ability to self-diagnose and expectations of immediate responses from GPs. We will also discuss the challenge of patient ownership to their health information and access to that information without the “filter” that health care professionals provide today.
Method: We will present the newest information on what is presently happening in the field of telemedicine and relate these developments to possible challenges facing general practice in the very near future.
Other considerations: It is our hope that the workshop will result in a fruitful discussion between the panellists and the audience.