Programme no. 165-P
Quality Improvement
Implementation and quality monitoring of e-communication across health care sectors
Anne Nicolaisen*1, Peter Qvist2
1Center for Quality, Region of Southern Denmark,Middelfart,Denmark, 2Center for Quality, Region of Southern Denmark,Middelfart,Denmark
* = Presenting author
Objectives: To monitor the quality of the Sam:Bo e-communication


There has been an increased focus on how to improve the quality of care for patients that receives services from more than one sector in the health care system. Continuity in and coordination of patient pathways in the health care system are included in accreditation standards both for general practice and hospitals. An important factor for patient-perceived quality of care is the cooperation between the health care sectors that provides services for the patient. In 2009 the Region of Southern Denmark launched a collaboration agreement called Sam:Bo between general practice, hospitals and municipalities. The Sam:Bo agreement comprises guidelines for clinical pathways that involves more than one of the participating stakeholders and specified quality standards for the content and timeliness of information exchange across sectors. Part of the Sam:Bo agreement is the implementation of quality monitoring of specified quality standards.


The audit is ongoing and results will be presented at the conference. Preliminary results show that the assessed general quality of hospital admissions reports was good (37%), reasonable (35%) or inferior (29%): For correspondence messages the assessed general quality was good (65%), reasonable (25%) or inferior (9%).


An explicit audit performed in all local municipalities and at selected hospital departments from all hospital units in the Region of Southern Denmark. The audit was conducted in January-March 2015. Data will be analysed at the regional Centre for Quality. Results from each hospital and local municipalities will be presented at local audit meetings, in which challenges to address and subsequent initiatives are discussed.


Results from this audit will identify challenges in e-communication across health care sectors and provide knowledge of the implementation and quality of the Sam:Bo e-communication.

Points for discussion: How to improve quality of care using e-communication in general practice in the handover of patients and how to measure it? What are the general practitioners responsibilities?