Programme no. 139-OP
Quality Improvement
“Quality circles – a Quality campaign in Denmark”
Christina Svanholm*1
1FYAM,DSAM,Solrød Strand,Denmark
* = Presenting author
Background: Quality cannot be created by sitting alone and filling in forms and pop-ups, there is a need for reflection preferably across generations and sectors. Quality circles or “Peer review groups” are commonly used in primary care in Europe to reflect on and improve the standard practice over time. Controlled studies and reviews have shown positive behavior change for those involved.

In Denmark there is a great tradition to perform Quality improvement, but the knowledge sharing on QI across generations is sparse.

Results: The participants will answer a questionnaire before and after the campaign and the answers will be used in an effect study that eventually will be published as an article and presented on WONCA 2016 in Denmark.

Results and “take home messages” from the Quality Circles will be shared on FYAMs webpage and on Facebook. In September 2015 there will be an open online Quality Circle on Facebook.

Material/Methods: The Danish society of young general practitioners (FYAM) organizes an annual member oriented campaign and in 2014/15 the topic is “Quality circles” across generations and sectors.

FYAM has applied and received funding from Quality units in Denmark. This makes it possible to organize Quality circles throughout the country. The Quality circles each consist of 6 trainees, 6 general practitioners and a doctor or healthcare professional, selected based on the topic. The group meets for an after-hour meeting discussing one of 5 pre-selected topics, which are distinguished by being perceived as difficult to deal with in general practice. The discussions are based on cases or data submitted by the participants and address both organizational as well as academic challenges. The discussion begins after a short presentation of the topic by the invited doctor or healthcare professional.

Conclusion: The fact that the group-based quality improvement method is a social intervention is believed to be the reason for the increase of reflection and improvement of standard practice over time

With this Quality campaign FYAM would like to show that the collaboration across generations of practitioners and the cooperation with the secondary sector is important for the sustainability of the quality improvement. Furthermore encourage others to implement quality circles across generations.

Points for discussion: Qualitative reports will be available to discuss.
Would it be possible to arrange a campaign like this in your country?
Are GP’s involving trainees in Quality improvement in your country?