Programme no. 111-WS
Quality Improvement
The role of the GP in cancer care
Helge Madsen*1, Søren Gottlieb2, Berit Lassen3, Atle Klovning4, Hans Thulesius5
1Lægecenter Korsør,4220 Korsør,Denmark, 2Lægecenter Korsør,4220 Korsør,Denmark, 3Lægecenter Korsør,4220 Korsør,Denmark, 4Institut for helse og samfunn,Universitet i Oslo,Oslo,Norway, 5Department of Clinical Sciences,Lund University,Lund,Sweden
* = Presenting author

We have two objectives: First a presentation of our own methods for maintaining relation with our cancer patients and families, and second to discuss and define possible initiatives for establishing such relations.


The cancer patient is at risk of losing contact to his/her GP during sectorial changes in the treatment. Upon loosening that contact we have experienced that the patient can find it difficult to know where to go with their problems, questions and feelings. Therefore we find it important to maintain the GP-patient relationship in order to support the patient handling those insecurities, and for us as GPs to be able to give the care the patient needs. Therefore in our experience the GP must proactively take action to maintain this contact. In our practice we have implemented initiatives in form of sending a letter to the patient and using automated pop-ups to remind us of the patient's current status.

Content: Taking point of departure in our proposed solution; a letter to the patient early in the process and using automated pop-ups following the diagnose, the workshop will focus upon sharing of experiences from participants, followed by a discussion of and defining possible initiatives to maintain the GP-patient relationship.
Method: The first part of the workshop will be a presentation on our part.

The second part will take form as facilitated discussions in minor groups. These will be followed by shorts presentations from the groups while we hope for input and inspiration to develop new initiatives.

Other considerations: We hope to be of inspiration to others with similar challenges and to gain new inspiration ourselves.