Programme no. 104-SY
Public Health
Vitamin D deficiency among immigrants in the Nordic countries
Per Erik Wändell*1, Kirsten Knutsen2, Inge Tetens3
1Karolinska Institutet,Huddinge,Sweden, 2University of Oslo,Oslo,Norway, 3Technical University of Denmark ,Søborg ,Denmark
* = Presenting author
Objectives: Individuals from non-Western countries are identified as having a risk of vitamin D deficiency when migrating to the Nordic countries with low exposure to the sun during wintertime.
Background: Vitamin D deficiency is recognized as a risk factors for different diseases, including cardiovascular and bone diseases. Some groups in the Nordic countries are especially prone to develop vitamin D deficiency.
Content: Vitamin D levels are low among many immigrant groups of non-Western, in some cases extremely low, and the risk of vitamin D deficiency is very high, especially among women. Data will be presented from a recent literature review on the strength of evidence as well as from recent studies. Data on associations between vitamin D status and different diseases and disorders will also be presented.
Method: Data from both a literature review and original studies will be presented. The literature review was published in 2013, including studies especially from Norway and Denmark, and with single studies from Sweden.
Other considerations: Vitamin D deficiency is very common in immigrants from non-European, non-Western countries. This is a risk factor for developing different diseases. Strategies and ongoing research on how vitamin D deficiency can best be treated and prevented among immigrants will be presented and discussed.