Programme no. 102-WS
Professional Development
Mindfull acceptance and commitment in health care – does it matter?
Eivind Meland*1, Åsa Kadowaki*2, Michael deVibe*3
1Dept Global Publ Health and Prim Care,University of Bergen,Bergen,Norway, 2Landstinget i Östergötland,Linkøping,Sweden, 3Nasjonalt kunnskapssenter for helsetjenesten,Oslo,Norway
* = Presenting author
Objectives: To present and discuss the perspective of the “third generation cognitive treatment”
Background: General Practitioners and patients may suffer due to a disease focused health care system that seems inappropriate for the “third wave morbidity” in modern societies. Everyday common ailments that are unavoidable in life are redefined with diagnostic labels with treatments that might promote dysfunctional coping and increased sickness experience.
Content: We will present three perspectives in the workshop:

Bringing mindful attention into the consultation - does it matter?

Acceptance and commitment in clinical practice - why and how?

Committed participant instead of victimized recipient - can the welfare state be healed?

We will present the rationale for the method, how it works in the clinical encounter, why and how it is relevant for the provider, and also how such perspectives might be liberating on a societal and public health level.

Method: Short presentations, demonstrations. Small group and plenary discussions.
Other considerations: No preregistration, maximum 40 participants